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Daily Routine

I have been meaning to write about this for a while now, as I have nothing else to talk about. My routine is not anything special really, and I'm not writing about this to convey any kind of point. This is just for me to look back at in 20 years and remenice about graduate school. I used to get up at around 7, but ever since the pandamic happened, I wake up at 9, or 10 if I'm feeling extra lazy. But things are sort of going back to normal (at least where I live), and so I have been forcing myself to get up at 7. I almost always skip breakfast. This might sound odd for some people reading this, but putting any kind of food in my system in the morning will cause me to either throw-up or have a stomach ache. So I just don't bother with breakfast. I wash up, get dressed and head straigh to the coffee machine downstairs. There's a coffee machine that serves starbucks and espressos where I live, and it's all free baby. That's probably why I haven't moved out yet. I always get the breakfast blend brew, which is typically a dark roast, and add two shots of espressos on top. The ultimate goal is doing everything myself, from roasting the coffee beans, to grinding them, to make a smooth pour over every mornin. But I've got a long way to go for that. I'll stick to free Starbucks for now.

The drive to work is about 5 minutes, as I live very close to the university. And that is nothing special really. If I'm feeling good about myself I might connect my phone to the car and listen to some tunes, but it's typically just regular FM radio. I actually don't mind the ads or the morning talk shows. I treat them as background noise as I drive to work. That helps me think a little. And as the days go by, I find myself caring less and less about music. I already cancelled my Spotify subscription about a year ago. And if I really like a song, I can just download it and listen to it offline.

After getting into the office (which is a shared space with another team member) I get to drink my coffee and read some news, or whatever for the first 10 mins. I find myself very engaged and interested in whatever I am reading in that 10 mins before actual work starts. I don't know why, but there is something about coffee and browsing the web in the morning that really does it for me, lol. I almost always have at least a meeting to attend, and depending on the day I have TA duties; and that I enjoy (of course not the grading part). I think if I were to write this a month ago, things would be completely different, in the sense that I would not be spending time at the office, reading or analysing data. Rather, it would be in the laboratory, runnning experiments all day. Also not a bad thing, but is very tedious and mundane.

At about 6-7 pm, I leave and head home. I do some pushups, watch some youtube, and go to bed. And that ladies and gentlemen, is my mediocre, anti-climactic daily routine.