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General Update

This is probably the longest I've put something off. I've been meaning to continue writing, and adding more to this blog. I did not know what to call this entry, as it will contain some miscallaneous updates. The first and most important update is the fact that I had an interview with Tesla. Well, it was actually just a general screening, which I should have prepared for, but I did not. It was on beam deflections, something I have not studied in over four years. I should have known better, as the position was a CAE structural engineering, lol. The funny thing is that I did not even know I had an interview until the person interviewing me sent another email to reschedule. The interview email was sent to the email I host myself, and at that time I forgot to renew the certificates, which meant I could not send or recieve mail. But after fixing the issue I saw the email.

I've also been applying for engineering jobs. My graduation is creeping up on me slowly, and I really need to score something before I graduate. But it has been a constant frustration. Applying for jobs is in itself a full-time job, and I think they should start paying me for that. The more I apply, the more discouraged I get. I mean I'm not trying to turn this blog entry into a pity party by all means, but it gets difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you wake up with a dozen emails that are moving on with different candidates. But I would like to end this topic on a debatably good note. Applying for jobs is like you're a kid with your parents, walking through a toys aisle. Everytime you see a toy that you know you'll love and enjoy, your parents say "No! You're not old enough to play with that." I don't know, maybe I'm just talking out of my ass.

I also still have some papers to grade, which I will need to do first thing in the morning. It's almost the end of final's week, and everyone is rushing to submit their work at the last minute. I had one final which I did really good on. I also need to add the certificate to my resume, so will probablly need to figure out how to add that nicely in LaTeX. But that should not be a problem.

I might just rename this whole thing into Updates instead of Blog. It really feels like those entries are just updates, and not really a blog to sit down and read lol. Also worth mentioning that I do not proof read these entries before I publish them, and I try to stay away from the Backspace button as much as I can. It really helps to just write it out without re-editing.