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1. University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
   Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering
   Concentration in Fluid Mechanics
   August 2020 – May 2022
   Overall GPA: 4.0

2. University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
   Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering
   Concentration in Applied Mathematics
   August 2015 – May 2020
   Overall GPA: 3.9


1. GoEngineer
   Advanced Simulation Specialist
   May 2022 - Present
   Ann Arbor, Michigan

   - Expertly utilize Abaqus for finite element analysis, focusing on nonlinear material behavior, contact mechanics, and metallic material behavior.
   - Conduct static and dynamic structural FEA analysis using Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit.
   - Provide insightful customer support by diagnosing and resolving model setup and convergence issues, ensuring optimal mesh quality and proper load application in Abaqus.
   - Design and deliver engaging, in-depth Abaqus training sessions tailored to the client's applications, encompassing fundamentals to advanced simulation techniques.

2. University of Toledo
   Graduate Researcher
   May 2020 – May 2022
   Toledo, Ohio

   - Utilized Abaqus to create finite element models of the ice adhesion interface with aluminum, focusing on studying the stress development at the interface.
   - Conducted simulations to measure the minimum force required to remove ice and investigated the effects of different surface topologies on ice adhesion.
   - Employed Particle Image Velocimetry to analyze fluid flow and extracted dominant frequencies using Python.
   - Automated data extraction and streamlined report generation with Python and \LaTeX.

3. Plastic Technologies Inc
   Finite Element Analysis Engineer
   January 2019 – August 2019
   Holland, Ohio

   - Developed and optimized finite element models in Abaqus to run structural, thermal (uncoupled and coupled), and buckling (pre and post) analysis.
   - Collaborated with design teams, providing data-driven FEA recommendations for design optimization and material selection.
   - Conducted material characterization, including uniaxial and equibiaxial testing of HDPE, to develop a hyperelastic material model for simulations.


1. Six Sigma: Master Black Belt
   International Quality Federation, IQF
   ID: BA14185MB
   Issued December 2021

2. Bash Scripting
   Issued May 2021


- Abaqus			- SOLIDWORKS Simulation
- Isight		        - SOLIDWORKS
- Microsoft Office Suite	- Linux
- Vim				- Python
- AWK				- C/C++